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6 Sentences That Narcissists, Sociopaths And Psychopaths Use To Silence You

6 Sentences That Narcissists, Sociopaths And Psychopaths Use To Silence You

This person is certainly part of your family, perhaps your husband, your boyfriend, a friend or even a family member. Extremely intelligent, she has the innate ability to "scan" a person to better apprehend and therefore better grind. This person makes you believe that she loves you, but it is not so, she is unable to do it. This person is suffering from a disorder, narcissistic perversion. To recognize it, here are 6 sentences that narcissistic perverts use to better exercise their grip on others.

The narcissistic perverts have a visceral and unconscious need to sow chaos around them. They feed on the misery of others and rejoice in their suffering. It makes them feel powerful, important and that's how they can build their power.

Narcissists, Sociopaths And Psychopaths Use To Silence You

Their victims? people who are often intelligent, open to others, attractive and particularly generous. It is precisely this goodness of soul that will enable them to exercise their influence. And after the beginnings of relationship that seem idyllic to them, the narcissistic perverse sufferers find themselves completely locked in toxic and painful relationships.

So, to recognize these notorious manipulators, we decipher 6 sentences that narcissistic perverts use to better control their victims.

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1- You are crazy / You need to get treatment
Know that the person who has a real pathology is the one who tells you this sentence. In fact, the narcissistic pervert knows that he is responsible for your malaise, but in his quest for control and manipulation, he will try to make you believe that you are the one with a mental health problem. It's all the subtlety of his destructive behavior: to persuade you that everything is always your fault.

2- You are too jealous
The narcissistic pervert constantly needs to please. Seductive in nature, he lives from the eyes of others and feels his wings grow in the spotlight. Also, he will do everything in his power to belittle you and make you doubt your attractiveness. Its modus operandi is quite simple: make you doubt yourself and make you think that you are not up to it. Thus, he will have managed to persuade you that you are not good enough for him.

3- You are much too sensitive
You are not too sensitive, it is the narcissistic pervert who is totally insensitive. Unable to feel love or empathy for anyone, he does not understand and completely ignores the true meaning of emotion. So far from worrying about how you feel, this one gloats at your distress and revel in your unease. It is therefore important to realize that your reactions are not exaggerated and that it is by no means hypersensitivity on your part. On the contrary, you experience a particularly violent psychological situation and do your best to react accordingly.

4- You have no sense of humor
The narcissistic pervert, to hide his abusive behavior, will make you think that he showed humor. He will then claim that you do not have enough humor to appreciate his "jokes". But this has nothing to do with his humorous skills, this person tries to belittle you and hides behind his teasing to justify his cruelty. This behavior is inexcusable and you should not feel guilty for not reacting as you wish.

5- Stop talking about it. Why do you insist?
In other words, you must let him abuse you and treat you odiously without reacting. Thus, he will be able to continue to exercise his influence without any consequences for his abject behavior. The narcissistic pervert usually works like this: he despises, insults, belittles his victim and behaves abominably, then comes back to her some time later to apologize, make him believe that it is his fault if he did and show him hope by promising that he will never react again. It is a tactic of manipulation known in psychology under the name of intermittent reinforcement.

6- It's your fault!
It is a point on which everyone can agree, the narcissistic pervert never recognizes his wrongs. Whatever he does, he will try to make you believe that it is your fault and make you feel guilty in order to better control you. For him, the goal of all his actions is to be able to sit even more on you. Thus, you constantly live under the influence of his narcissistic projections which, in the long run, can become particularly confusing.