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10 Surprising Tips To Make Your Clothes Smell Great And Fresh

10 Surprising Tips To Make Your Clothes Smell Great And Fresh

Make Your Clothes Smell Great And Fresh

We often hear about lemon or baking soda to bring shine to the clothes and grandma's tricks do not fail in this direction. Also, to take care of your laundry, keep it clean, cozy with a fresh smell, we offer several tips that will facilitate the laundry and will maintain a more comfortable texture of your clothes.

To get rid of stubborn stains or bad odors that permeate clothing, we often tend to rush on commercial products that remain in most cases toxic. However, there are tips to use the use of natural ingredients or even hand tricks for a clean wash and without danger to health.

1- Aspirin for white linen

Aspirin for white linen

Often our white shirts keep yellowish spots in the armpits. These are not necessarily due to perspiration alone but also to the aluminum contained in the deodorants. This combination strengthens the resistance of these stains to water, hence the difficulty of getting rid of them. For this purpose, discard five aspirin tablets, previously crushed in your washing machine, and start the machine. The yellowish stains will disappear at the end of the wash.

2- Baking soda to soften the laundry

Baking soda to soften the laundry

Commercial softeners are certainly effective but may remain toxic, with another drawback smell too strong. To soften your clothes and give them shine, you can use two ingredients that you surely have in your kitchen. This is undoubtedly baking soda and white vinegar. To do this, simply pour into the tub of your washing machine, ¼ cup of baking soda and a cup of white vinegar during the final rinse.

3- Cold water to preserve clothes

Cold water to preserve clothes

Fragile and delicate clothes need to be gently cleaned. Not to mention that colored clothing can quickly fade. Also, cold water is recommended in these cases, since the latter is able to preserve the texture of the clothes and at the same time save energy expenditure which is higher with washing with hot water.

4- Less detergent for more efficient wash

Less detergent

According to the general belief, more detergent is needed to make clothes cleaner. However, it turns out that the opposite is true, since the more we put the washing product and the more residues get stuck in clothing and inside the washing machine.

5- Distilled vinegar for garments without residues

Distilled vinegar

Residues can come from the detergent used or the limestone that accumulates in the washing machine. To remedy this, pour a cup of vinegar distilled into your washing machine and eliminate at the same time, the smell from mold and moisture clothing.

6- Shampoo to reverse the shrink

Shampoo to reverse the shrink

If you suffer the unfortunate incident of shrinking your favorite garment after taking it out of your washing machine, do not panic! The solution is to soak it in baby shampoo for 15 minutes. Then proceed to its usual washing; he will find its normal size again.

7- Aluminum foil for fast drying

Aluminum foil for fast drying

If you are used to drying your clothes in the dryer, and if you are in a hurry to get your clothes clean and dry but especially malleable, just add in your drying machine, balls of aluminum foil which will absorb electrical charges to avoid static electricity and also to soften clothes and make them softer.

8- To clean the cap without damaging it

clean the cap without damaging it

Caps are difficult to maintain and cleaning them is a difficult task. The washing machine may deteriorate further. To keep them intact, there is a simple trick, which lies in cleaning them in the dishwasher, allowing them a softer and more subtle wash. Afterwards, simply dry them in the open air.

9- To dry clothes faster in the open air

To dry clothes faster in the open air

If you do not have a clothes dryer or prefer to dry your clothes in the open, there is a very simple tip, which is to extend your item to dry between two dry towels. This technique allows fast and efficient drying.

10- For Wrinkle-Free Drying

Wrinkle-Free Drying

To prevent wrinkles on your clothes and therefore the chore of ironing, you can remove them at the end of the drying cycle. Then simply fold them or hang them to find a cloth deciphered and impeccable.