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7 Reasons To Sleep Naked (Scientifically Proven)

7 Reasons To Sleep Naked (Scientifically Proven)

7 Reasons To Sleep Naked

Although this is recommended by a large number of health professionals, many people are afraid to sleep naked and insist on covering several layers of clothing before going to bed. Yet, it has been scientifically proven that sleeping naked is much better for health and has many benefits for the body. Discover in this article 7 scientifically proven benefits that you will enjoy your body if you sleep in the simplest device.

Whether for fear of infection, for fear of catching cold or simply modesty, many people say they are unable to sleep naked. They just can not conceive of going to bed in their only outfit of Adam or Eve. However, it has been proven that sleeping naked frees your body and allows it to enjoy many benefits. Explanations.

reproductive organs system

1- Sleeping naked improves reproductive organs system
One study found that wearing tight underwear had a significant impact on the reproductive system. It is therefore recommended to wear underwear as wide as possible during the day or better, to sleep naked. So, if you want to preserve or optimize your fertility, do not hesitate to release your reproductive organs during the night.

Women generally tend to think that sleeping naked is like exposing themselves to infection, but researchers have found that women who wear tight underwear are more likely to get infections. In fact, the tight underwear compresses your genitals which creates a hot and humid environment, conducive to the multiplication of bacteria and fungi.

As a result, doctors give women the same advice as men: favor wearing loose cotton underwear during the day and prefer to sleep naked during the night.

promotes deeper sleep

2- Sleeping nude promotes deeper sleep
Studies have shown that you sleep better and sleep better in a cold environment than in a hot environment. Therefore, sleeping naked helps keep your body temperature at a relatively low level, and therefore ideal for quality sleep.

boosts your metabolism

3- Sleeping naked boosts your metabolism
Researchers have found that sleep quality is strongly correlated with metabolism and that sleep disturbances cause serious health and metabolic problems. Because of this, since sleeping naked allows you to have a deep sleep, it also boosts your metabolism and optimizes fat burning during your sleep.

increases oxytocin levels in the body

4- Sleeping nude increases oxytocin levels in the body
According to a study done in 2015, sleeping naked could increase oxytocin production by your body, which is the body's well-being hormone that makes you feel happy. Its production depends largely on touch, sleeping naked, especially with your partner, greatly promotes its production.

slow down aging and stay young

5- Sleeping naked helps you slow down aging and stay young
As you sleep, your body releases a "human growth hormone" that repairs and protects your skin cells from aging. However, if you sleep fully dressed, it warms your body and interferes with the release of this hormone, thus promoting the continuation of the aging process of your skin. Sleeping naked could be a solution to wrinkles!

improve blood circulation

6- Sleeping naked helps improve blood circulation
It has been scientifically proven that body temperature during sleep has an impact on blood circulation. Indeed, if you manage to keep your body temperature at a relatively low level, sleeping naked, this greatly improves your blood circulation.

maintain a slender figure

7- Sleeping naked helps you maintain a slender figure
A study conducted by the National Institutes of Health in the United States found that maintaining a low body temperature during the night could help speed up metabolism. Thus, sleeping naked would promote the burning of fat and help you keep the line.