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9 Signs That He Loves You Without Telling You

9 Signs That He Loves You Without Telling You

He Loves You Without Telling You

"There is no love, there is only evidence of this feeling" This popular maxim calls for the expression of our attachment for our partner, sometimes disconcerted by the indifference that settles with passing time. If this is your case, know that love goes through small gestures that become imperceptible as they are repeated and are now part of your daily couple. Here are 9 signs that the loved one loves you without telling you. Some of these points may surprise you.

"We forget the passions and we forget the voices that whispered to you the words of the poor people" Do not come back too late especially do not take cold "" This iconic song of the great lyricist Léo Ferré reminds how little these little things everyday life can be overshadowed and make us think that we are not recognized as a special person. If this excerpt from "Over Time" echoes an injury related to your partner's lack of demonstrativity, this article is for you. Here are 9 proofs that he loves you without telling you.


1- Projection
"I would like to have a nice trip with you" "I would like to go for a walk by the sea. Will you accompany me? So many fleeting proposals that you can take for granted but that means a lot if you pay attention. When the loved one includes you in his projects, in the short as in the long term, it means that he sees your union as a "we" and not as an ephemeral flirtation. If from the beginning of your relationship, your partner consults you for ideas that are important to him, it means that he is seriously considering a common future.

He respects you

2- He respects you
Intellectually as well as emotionally, if the loved one considers you to be equal and shows respect, the pillars of a lasting and harmonious relationship are established. If you feel recognized as a special person and cherished by your partner, you certainly live a healthy union without realizing it. Respect for your loved one is noticeable in small, trivial gestures, such as when they ask for your opinion before making an important decision, or when they seek to communicate with you to resolve a conflict.

protects you

3- He protects you
When your partner takes care to protect you in all circumstances, you certainly live a special love story. Putting the blanket on you when you sleep, tuck in when you have a cold, send a message to know if you're back, all signs that you rely heavily on being loved. Just be attentive.

little touches are instinctive

4- These little touches are instinctive
If the regards your partner has for you are instinctive, this is palpable proof that he loves you sincerely. If he does not rest on his laurels and he pays you constant attention, your partner considers you a person dear to his eyes.


5- Honesty
If your partner is honest under any circumstances, it means he holds you in high esteem. A serious partner will not be afraid to tell you the opposite, even if they are not always easy to hear.


6- Empathy
If your partner has respect for you, he will always make sure he puts himself in your shoes. He will abstain from committing an act that runs the risk of hurting you because his feelings are strong and prove that he is interested in you.

Constructive disputes

7- Constructive disputes
It is normal that a relationship is sometimes punctuated with conflicts. But your developments are not endless scandals. When you argue, no broken glasses or crowds of neighbors, he does not raise the tone and makes sure to tell you concretely of his reproaches.

He is interested in you

8- He is interested in you
A healthy and harmonious relationship necessarily implies a strong friendship. And this type of union goes hand in hand with a deep interest in your aspirations, your passions, your hopes and your turpitudes. If your partner is interested in you, it means that he considers himself in a serious relationship.

He is (somewhat) jealous

9- He is (somewhat) jealous
Without smothering you, your partner is a bit stung when someone makes you look sweet. This attitude is healthy and quite normal when it does not take on toxic proportions. When the loved one is really in love, he may feel bumped when he sees that you are harboring suspicious regard for a stranger.