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7 Signs That Could Indicate That You Are An Angel On Earth

7 Signs That Could Indicate That You Are An Angel On Earth

Angel is a word derived from the Latin Angelus borrowed from the Greek, meaning messenger. They are thus creatures who, in their spiritual symbolism, would have for main mission to transmit the kindness, the benevolence and the empathy to guide the men towards the right way.

Mysterious, mystical, seraphic, theological representations of the angel fascinate. Being a beacon of the divine sphere, it symbolizes for many people a reassuring and serene presence. According to the beliefs, it takes different forms and representations. Thus, if for some the angel is spiritual, others associate him with a terrestrial presence, a person with a wisdom and a disconcerting intelligence, present at their side to help them move forward in life.

 Angel On Earth

Is this description familiar to you? You may be one of the few people we call a true angel on Earth. Here are 7 signs to know if you are part of it.

1- You've always been told that you were more mature for your age
Intuitive, you carry around you an aura that commands the respect and admiration of those around you. People often come to you for advice because they trust you with their problems. Indeed, you seem to have a real gift to guide them and find the right words. To show a wisdom that borders on the irrational is one of the major signs that you are an angel on Earth.

2- You feel deep within you that you have a purpose in life
Driven by a desire to spread happiness around you, you try by all means to deliver a message of goodness and kindness. Indeed, you feel deep within you that your life has meaning and that love is the key to improving the human condition.

3- You show deep empathy
Your show a great sensitivity. When someone around you is sad, you know it, you feel it. It does not matter if this person hides his feelings, you will naturally go to her to try to help her. The emotional charge of such great sensitivity can be burdensome, but it will never stop you from trying to help your neighbor.

4- Very few people come to understand you
We only hear it too often, you think too much. But there is only one thing that drives your actions: your instinct. And the latter is never wrong. If your entourage has sometimes reproached you for making judgments considered a priori senseless, they have never been slow to turn into true blessings. Your sense of reasoning and logic are unstoppable.

5- Loneliness does not displease you
It's not that you do not like being surrounded, on the contrary it gives you the opportunity to help and listen to others. But loneliness and calmness allow you to begin a deep introspection, to reveal yourself even more and to reflect on moral issues that are important to you. All this in order to become a better person, and to help your neighbor as best as you can.

6- You accept everyone
People's physical appearance does not matter to you. You are transcending the mores and materialism of our society. You accept people as they are, and always offer your help and advice. Anyone who knows you knows that your door will never be closed.

7- Babies seem to calm down in your arms
Babies are barely born into existence. Their mind is not yet corrupted by the material world. They have increased sensitivity, and in your arms, they seem to find a rest and appeasement that does not exist anywhere else.