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8 Natural Ways To Keep Spiders Away From Your Home

8 Natural Ways To Keep Spiders Away From Your Home

8 Ways To Keep Spiders Away From Your Home

Arachnophobia, otherwise known as fear of spiders, is an incredibly common dislike. From small fear to great phobia, they are the source of an aversion for 40% of French people. But why do we hate these arachnids so much? Fear is one of the most important responses for the survival of the species, and although this anxiety is perceived as irrational, it is actually due to environmental and educational factors that transmit anxiogenic information. So, if you panic at the mere thought of crossing these little animals with 8 legs, here are simple tips to get rid of.

In 1991, Graham Davey, a researcher at City University London, conducted a study to better understand the phobia of spiders. Of the 118 students surveyed, about 75% had moderate or severe fear of arachnids. Among them, most were women.

 Keep Spiders Away From Your Home

How to explain this phobia?

Experience, without distinguishing genetic factors from environmental factors, also revealed that most people with this fear had a family member who shared the same fears.

In another study, researchers presented images of fish, flowers, spiders and snakes to 6-month-old babies. These first then assessed their stress response to these photographs. The research team found that when infants watched images of spiders and snakes, their pupils dilated much more. These results may suggest that our fear of arachnids and reptiles may have an evolutionary origin.

So, to avoid running out of your house, or at best, grabbing your couch like crazy, we offer tips on how to make spiders escape from your home.

Tips to keep spiders out of your house

1- The essential oil of peppermint

essential oil of peppermint

Because of its strong odor, peppermint essential oil will help spiders and all parasites in your home. To do this, impregnate a few cotton balls with this oil, then place them everywhere under the places where the spiders can hide. Just be sure to keep them out of reach of your children and pets.

2- Cinnamon


Although cinnamon is full of benefits for humans, it is particularly repellent for insects. Sprinkle some cinnamon on the outside edge of your door and windows. This will deter spiders and other pests from returning home!

3- Distilled vinegar


In a spray bottle, pour an equal amount of water and distilled vinegar, then sprinkle the corners and cracks of your home with this solution. The smell of vinegar will keep spiders away from your home.

4- Cedar wood hangers

wood hangers

Spiders love the warmth of our cupboards, especially in cold weather. So, to prevent them from getting in, replace your usual hangers with cedar wood hangers. The special smell of this wood, which is naturally impregnated with aromatic essential oils, will make them escape for sure!

5- Citrus zest

Citrus zest

The scent of citrus is scary for spiders, but we love it! So, to bring a fresh scent to your home and scare away these insects, place lemon and orange zests in a few corners of your home.

6- Lemon scented furniture cleaners

Lemon scented furniture cleaners

Spiders definitely do not like the smell of citrus! So, to get rid of it, there's nothing like using lemon scented products to clean your home.

7- The chestnuts


Chestnuts actually release a substance whose spiders hate! So, to get rid of these pests, place chestnuts in all places where arachnids are likely to hide.

8- The coconut oil

coconut oil

This may seem surprising, but spiders do not support the smell or texture of coconut oil. Mix some spoonfuls of coconut oil with water and spray this solution into your home.