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In 2020, I Remove All The Negative People In My Life And Make My Happiness A Priority

In 2020, I Remove All The Negative People In My Life And Make My Happiness A Priority

Theorized and appropriated by philosophers of all times, happiness is the workhorse of thinkers who call for the harmony of emotions. But their ideals are often abstract, and many of us find it hard to apply it in their everyday lives. This feeling whose quest is unrestrained yet is within reach even if it requires a rigorous discipline. "I decided to be happy because it's good for you," said Voltaire, who explained that you have to cultivate your garden to achieve serenity. What if we make radical decisions for the new year ahead? In 2020, it's time for change. To make a clean sweep of the past, remove negative people from our lives and make happiness a top priority.

Sometimes, happiness requires to make a real bankruptcy of our existence. This capital introspection induces a profound change that could not take place without questions about what makes us deeply unhappy. William Gibson, a famous writer, liked to say, "Before you think you're depressed, first make sure you're not surrounded by fools. And if we take it at the word to achieve fulfillment? To make the most of this new decade, let's cut ties with negative people to focus on personal development.

2020 Remove Negative People In My Life

Negative people: Toxic bonds
Out of guilt or love, we sometimes tend to nurture close relationships with people who indulge in the rumination of toxic thoughts. Without realizing it, they can literally pollute our minds with their contradictions and inner conflicts. Sometimes we can nurture such affection for our loved ones and feel guilty about their suffering to endure inner chaos.

Only for our happiness, it is essential to rethink our relationships to limit our emotional involvement in the management of their emotions. If it is difficult to cut ties with the people we cherish, it is essential to have transparent communication about these relational difficulties that are not without consequences. And for good reason, as we witness the emotional outpourings of those around us, we are appropriating these toxic thoughts to the negative impact on our lives.

Make your happiness a priority
It is not selfish to think of the radical changes necessary for our happiness. Often, it is about getting out of your comfort zone by introducing small beneficial changes. Whether it is to reorientate one's career or to rethink one's diet, no initiative can transform us without taking a radical decision and committing to respect the word we make to ourselves. The first essential step to happiness is to realize that what we feel is our personal responsibility. Thus, we do not reject our failures on external circumstances and we choose to have a proactive role to become the best version of ourselves. The second step is the most difficult: take action. To this desired change, it is incumbent to establish a plan of action with concrete and progressive measures. So to say, imposing too ambitious goals is counterproductive and could reduce your motivation.

A tangible action plan
If it can happen that our lives provoke in us a deep feeling of dissatisfaction, it is important to realize that no destiny is engraved in marble and that it is up to us to fight against our determination. These limitations have often been transmitted by our parents, our environment and our experiences. Only it is up to us to dismantle our self-sabotaging mechanisms. Start by becoming aware of all the benefits that life gives you. Filling with gratitude is a profound vector of change and, to sublimate, it is essential to see how we can make the most of these gifts from the Universe. If you are happy in the household, you eat your hunger or that your loved ones cherish you, you have a base on which you can weave many achievements. Stop blaming the vagaries of everyday life because they will have little impact in a few years. The idea is to change your perception of annoyances and get back to basics.