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10 Things You Should Use With Care On Your Face

10 Things You Should Use With Care On Your Face

When we read the beauty section of magazines, there is a plethora of economic tips to overcome our imperfections. Yet these can be dangerous for our skin, especially if they affect our face, more vulnerable to everyday aggression. Here are ten treatments that you should use with care on your skin because they are potentially aggressive. We tell you more in our beauty and care point.

It is tempting to resort to economic cosmetics to overcome our imperfections. However system D can cause irreversible damage, especially if it concerns the face. Ten house cares and their dangers have been deciphered.

1- Warm water
Although spraying your face with lukewarm water can be pleasant and relaxing, it should be used with care. Warm water can destroy sebum, which is the natural protective barrier of the skin. Its repeated use can dry our face. Prefer cold water.

2- Hydrogen peroxide
If some use this solution to discolor hair or clean wounds, oxygenated water can have deleterious effects on oily or problem skin. It can cause allergic reactions or even irritations on sensitive and reactive skin.

3- Alcohol
This solution is recommended for disinfecting wounds and preventing infections. But grace, not on your face! Applied to the face, it can dry out the skin and cause local inflammation to promote pimples. Its composition is not adapted to the hydrolipidic film of the skin which approaches the pH of 5.5.

4- Lacquer
If this trick seems to be a heresy for beauty aficionados, it is nevertheless common in the sites dedicated to skincare. Using lacquer to dry out pimples can be effective in the short term, but it can lead to obstruction of your pores and allergic reactions.

5- A moisturizer for the body
This treatment is not at all suitable for facial skin because of its composition. And for good reason, the thickness of the body skin is greater than that of the face. The latter could be more reactive to the application of this product.

6- Vaseline
If this product is marketed to moisturize the skin and to overcome cracks, it is totally disadvised for the face. And for good reason, vaseline can clog pores and promote the appearance of pimples.

7- Toothpaste:
This grandmother's trick is often recommended for dealing with stubborn burns and scars. But applied on the face, the toothpaste can cause irritation and itching.

8- The sugar:
If this natural product can have exfoliating properties if combined with other ingredients, it could damage the elasticity of the face. If you apply it as a scrub, rub it gently on your skin and moisturize.

9- Baking soda
Using baking soda to exfoliate your face compromises the natural pH of your skin. This natural trick can cause allergic reactions or irritation.

10- The lemon
Citrus fruit can be photo-sensitizing. It is essential not to use this natural care before exposure to UV rays and carefully rinse the mask.