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11 Smart Ways To Use Lemon That People Should Know

11 Smart Ways To Use Lemon That People Should Know

Lemon has many antifungal, antibacterial and antiseptic properties. Indeed, this fruit is rich in micronutrients that give it multiple benefits. Consumed to enhance the taste of certain preparations, it is also used as a natural remedy against various diseases, as a beauty product or home care. Discover several ways to use lemon to cleanse and improve the look of your home.

The fruit of the lemon tree can replace several household products. To clean, whiten or perfume your interior, you will not need to resort to chemicals anymore.

Natural and effective, here are all the possible uses of lemon:

1- Clean the traces of limestone from the faucet
Lemon is an extremely effective cleaner for shining faucets. To remove lime scale from faucets or shower heads, soak a clean rag of lemon juice and place it on the affected surfaces.

2- Uncrating the coffee maker
Lemon is a natural descaler that prevents the formation of scale on your coffee maker. To remove scale deposits, start a cycle with lemon juice and water in the tank of your coffee machine. Let stand for thirty minutes then start a new wash cycle with lukewarm water to no longer taste lemon when you make coffee.

3- Eliminate stubborn stains on clothes
Lemon has proven whitening properties. Indeed, a scientific experiment shows that the citric acid contained in the citrus fruit whitens cotton clothes. Your clothes turn yellow and lose their natural color? Add the juice of two lemons to your usual laundry and start your washing machine. Your white linen will regain its new appearance.

4- Unblock the pipes
If your pipes are clogged, you can also use lemon to overcome this problem. To do this, squeeze a lemon and mix the juice with half a liter of water and a tablespoon of baking soda. Then pour the contents of the liquid into your pipes to remove residues that clog them.

5- Clean the grills of your gas stove
To restore a shiny appearance to your gas stove, first place the grates in a closed bag filled with hot water and juice of a lemon. Let them soak in the mixture for one hour. Then remove the grates from the bag and rub them with a sponge soaked in a few drops of lemon juice to remove the stubborn stains. Finally, rinse the grates in warm water.

6- Shine the silverware
Possessing abrasive properties, lemon can clean your silver furniture. To do this, squeeze half a lemon and reserve the juice. Take an old toothbrush and soak it with juice. Then, rub your silver furniture with the brush so that they regain their full brilliance.

7- Polish shoes
To make your dirty or tinted shoes look shiny and new, mix a tablespoon of olive oil with the juice of half a lemon. Apply this mixture on a clean cloth and polish your shoes.

8- Keep insects away from you
Lemon acts as a natural repellent to keep insects away. Indeed, the citrus has an odor that is not to taste flies, cockroaches ants and fleas. To prepare this repellent, squeeze three lemons and put the juice in a spray. Then, spray this spray in the places in your house where insects are used to circulating and you will not hear about them anymore!

9- Clean wooden furniture
To shine all the furniture in your home, nothing better than using lemon juice and baking soda! Cut your citrus fruit in half and rub each half on your furniture. Then put a tablespoon of baking soda and a little warm water on a clean cloth and iron it on your furniture.

10- Remove bad smells 
To remove foul odors from your dumpster or refrigerator, peel three lemons and arrange them in an ice cube tray. Add two cups of distilled white vinegar and freeze everything. After forming ice cubes, place them in areas of your home where you smell bad smells.

11- Smell a pleasant and soothing smell in your room
The smell of lemon is known to reduce anxiety and promote sleep. Indeed, scientific research shows that citrus has sedative properties that allow to benefit from a deep sleep. To spread a pleasant smell in your room, place slices of lemon in a bowl near the bed and enjoy an effective psychological appeasement.