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21 Day Anti Anxiety Challenge

21 Day Anti Anxiety Challenge

We all have periods where we feel more stressed than others, taken by our ruminations and our inner torments. Family, social and professional obligations give rise to persistent anxiety. In a world where things are moving at full speed, our minds can weaken and be overwhelmed by dark ideas. To put an end to these anxiogenic feelings, we must take back our hands and carry out daily life saving actions.

21 Day Anti Anxiety Challenge

Sometimes we are so overwhelmed by our emotions that we no longer see the end of the tunnel. Some situations put our psychology to the test and make us extremely vulnerable. Couple problems, financial difficulties or overwork are all factors that can increase our anxiety and affect our quality of life. When our nerves play tricks on us, we also find it hard to relativize and get out of this chasm. In this article, we offer a 21-day challenge to help you regain the joy of life and release all your tensions.

21-day anti-stress challenge

This program is divided into three weeks of exercises, mixing body and mind, to increase your feeling of well-being. Remember that activities recommended in the week should be done every day without exception.

First Week 

1- Repeat positive affirmations
Every day, recite your mantra to channel your mind and mitigate your parasitic thoughts. What are your deep aspirations? What are your inner strengths? By defining your motivations and your strengths, you will repeat them out loud in order to integrate them into your unconscious. In fact, positive affirmations give rise to equally positive actions: it is the law of attraction.

2- Do meditation
People who live under pressure have a hard time letting go and moving serenely in their lives. Indeed, they look back on the past or anticipate a dark future, which forces them to be pessimistic and anxious. Through meditation, they can focus on the present moment and connect to their bodily sensations for peace of mind.

3- Breathe deeply
To chase away tensions, focus on your breathing. Opt for a quiet place where you will not be disturbed and give yourself this moment of serenity. Breathe deeply by holding your breath for a few seconds before inhaling. Concentrate on this anti-stress exercise to get the most benefit.

4- Keep a journal
When you feel anguished with anxiety, take a small notebook and write down everything you feel. Put words on your feelings to identify your emotions and ease your stress. Generally, writing helps to free the mind and soothe the pain.

5- Set a goal to reach
We all have goals that we would like to achieve but negative emotions inhibit us and compromise our efforts. Whether you want to lose a few pounds or get a better job, set a specific goal that you would like to achieve after 21 days.

Second Week
1- Organize your days
Establish a daily schedule and stick to it. By putting together a plan with concrete goals, every moment of your day will be optimized and you will feel more productive.

2- Set your priorities
Ask yourself: what are the things that are important to me and that I would like to achieve to feel better? So, do your best to meet your expectations and fully flourish on a daily basis.

3- Coloring
Who said that this activity was only for toddlers? The art therapy, anti-stress exercise par excellence, is to express his creativity by doing coloring, painting or modeling clay.

4- Hydrate yourself enough
During these three weeks, it is necessary to take care of one's body and drink enough. Indeed, water helps help get rid of toxins and give more energy while easing anxiety.

Third Week
1- Give up social media
Take a break and stay away from social media to fully focus on your well-being. Set aside your phone and computer for other, more relaxing activities.

2- Make a hot bath
Take a hot bath to relax and release all the pressure that clogs you. You can add organic essential oils, naturally scented, to whet all your senses.

3- Get out
This third week rhymes with pleasure and harmony. Feel free to go out and meet new people. Leave your fears aside and trust life to put caring people on your path.