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8 Lessons That Most People Take A Lifetime To Learn

8 Lessons That Most People Take A Lifetime To Learn

8 Lessons That Most People Put A Life To Learn

In some ancestral civilizations, the burial of the elderly was commemorated in the greatest sadness while the death of a young child was celebrated with joy because it "would not have to suffer the suffering of life". For these indigenous peoples, the death of a centenary meant the end of decades of transmissions and invaluable wisdom. It is true that the experience and the maturity of age make it possible to make valuable life lessons that are good to know. These principles make it possible to avoid the loss of energy that could be the object of remorse at the twilight of its existence. Here are 8 pearls of wisdom that everyone should read.

It is always good to sit with someone who has really lived. Often, it is the beings who have gained experience and suffered failures who realize the most invaluable truths. It would be wrong to deprive oneself of its aphorisms full of discernment because they could prevent from throwing themselves headlong into the emptiness of life. To choose his battles, lend them a listening ear. You could learn the hard way that they were right.

Failures are lessons

1- Failures are lessons
Seeing failure as a fatality is the best way to hide an invaluable lesson that would make us more determined. In a threat, there is always an opportunity to leave one's comfort zone. Living a defeat situation makes us realize that we had the courage to live with passion.

Live In The moment

2- Live In The moment
"Do not cherish the past because it is dead, do not plan in the future because it is not there yet" This maxim invites us to fully immerse ourselves in the present moment because it is the only one that really belongs to us. To occupy one's mind to ruminate prevents one from living in the here and now to celebrate the precious seconds of life.

live for oneself

3- To live for oneself
"Few people live, others only exist" To appreciate a meaningful life, it is important to get rid of the opinion of others that can be a real burden for accomplishment. Living for oneself is a boldness that allows us to access happiness.

Do not kill yourself at work

4- Do not kill yourself at work
Sometimes life is waiting for you elsewhere. Seeing work as a means and not an end is sometimes difficult at a time that sanctifies this value as a way to achieve happiness. By scoring ourselves every day, we could miss out on the lives of those we love.


5- Procrastination alienates you
By putting off everything overnight, we sometimes tend to think that we control our lives. However, delaying our responsibilities is the best way to let the past invade us. This step can be laborious but you will feel an intense feeling of freedom when nothing holds you back.

Actions are worth more than words

6- Actions are worth more than words
It is important to realize what needs to change in our lives. Only that is not enough. Taking action is fundamental to aspiring to better tomorrow. And that often requires coming out of a comfortable spiral in which we bog down every day. It is often by moving small stones that one can build mountains.

Being unconditionally kind

7- Being unconditionally kind
Living in bitterness and resentment is a poison. Nourishing these negative feelings is nothing but a way to suck you into a vicious and deleterious spiral. Knowing peace through forgiveness and being unconditionally kind will enable you to achieve spiritual harmony. Learn to give more than you receive and you will not be haunted by the throes of victimization. Being benevolent in all circumstances will allow you to take control of your life because no one else is responsible for your happiness.


8- Show gratitude
Learn to be aware of the benefits that life gives you because they are numerous. Being healthy, having a roof, being surrounded by people who love you, are all signs that you are lucky without realizing it. The more we get older, the more we realize that little things are priceless. Focusing on the positive things that come to us allows us to reach harmony and transcend difficulties to turn them into opportunities.