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9 Things A Strong Woman Will Always Require From A Romantic Relationship

9 Things A Strong Woman Will Always Require From A Romantic Relationship

Our identity as a woman is far from being defined by our birth but by the virtues which come from it. Without falling into the trap of "the struggle of the gender", our fellows expect a man to show respect and loyalty. Free from emotional dependence, strong women are self-sufficient and do not give in to the injunction to be accompanied by a partner. If they can become true "celibate", it is only because they have not found a man up to their standards. Here are 9 things a strong, independent woman will always demand from a romantic relationship.

Strong Woman Will Always Require From A Romantic Relationship

It is not easy to become a strong woman. Often this change in attitude towards existence is the result of repeated failure or deep disillusionment. Like caterpillars in their chrysalis, these wounded souls can come out of their cocoons to sublimate themselves in the resilience so characteristic of iron ladies. And to deserve the new version of themselves, their partners will have to be persistent. And for good reason, strong and free women always demand 9 things from a relationship.

1- Loyalty
In love, these women do not accept the deceit of fickle men. For them, loyalty is the pillar of the loyalty that falls to all human relationships. Whether they are little secrets or blatant bad faith, they are no longer ready to endure this and willingly let it be known.

2- Respect
Independent and strong, they expect consideration and esteem. No more time to waste for someone who cannot grant them because they have immeasurable respect. Their requirements vis-à-vis their partners? An extraordinary sense of empathy.

3- Support
If these women do not need anyone to heal their wounds, they require a man to pay attention to their moods. If the latter is insensitive, they will prefer their solitude to chance company.

4- Communication
These people are emotionally mature and know how to learn the necessary lessons from their failures. Following their disillusionment, they learned that communication is the backbone of a fulfilling romantic relationship. So they don't hesitate to ignore the unspoken and the bitterness to say what they really expect, even if they can hit their partner.

5- Patience
Mature women do not start quarter-turn because time has taught them to manage their emotions. These are rational and do not take the fly for a small disappointment. And they expect the same from him. A lasting relationship requires a sense of forgiveness and understanding.

6- Protection
Their independence does not lead them to hope for Prince Charming but they no longer want to feel emotional insecurity once in relationship. Their partner should be transparent with them and not hold out empty promises to them. With being loved, these women will have to feel valued and accepted for what they are.

7- Devotion
For these women, reciprocity is essential. If they deploy all their resources for the benefit of their man, they will have to find a favorable echo in their romantic relationship. Commitment is the watchword for these women when it comes to a lasting union. If they feel that their interest is not mutual, these fighters will make it clear.

8- Loyalty
Loyalty is crucial to consolidate an authentic relationship. Strong and independent women expect their partner to show good faith and admit mistakes. A dishonest and cowardly man will have the gift of driving them away despite the circumstances.

9- Freedom
Mature and wise, these women will never sacrifice their hard-won freedom. Their life revolves around their passions, their loved ones and their creative universe. They will not compromise on their personal space and intend to claim it. These women will be particularly fulfilled with a man who does not depend on them and who respects their privacy. They may not want to be fused but will be able to make enough concessions to keep the loved one with them.