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12 Signs Of INFJ Personality Type

12 Signs Of INFJ Personality Type

Discover the 12 particular signs that explain if you are an INFJ, one of the rarest personalities. Each of us is characterized by what we generally attribute to two categories: the physical and the personality. The latter brings together a set of criteria to distinguish us from each other, namely: behavior, psychological attitudes, emotions, tastes, preferences, values, thoughts, etc. Thus, some people stand out strongly within a group thanks to their strong personality.

12 Signs of INFJ  Personality Type

Developed by the Swiss psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung, analytical psychology is interested in several types of personality, essentially based on 4 functions: thought, intuition, feeling and sensation. Her work subsequently inspired Katharine Briggs, an American theorist, and her daughter Isabel Myers. Based on Jung’s experience, they developed the Myers-Briggs test (MBTI), which, through the results obtained, would have identified the INFJ personality as the rarest. Here are the 12 characteristics:

1. You are an introvert
You have a certain facility to integrate yourself, whatever the social context or the environment in which you are. However, you prefer discretion and prefer to be content with a few friends who you trust and who deserve your friendship, your sincerity and your love.

2. You are intuitive
Your heightened intuition allows you to probe the spirits around you. You can discern what occupies their consciousness, which greatly helps to facilitate your interactions. Your foresight is therefore a major asset when it comes to communicating with others.

3. Your judgment is based on your feelings
You judge the people around you based on how they behave with you and what they inspire you. If they are honest with you, you trust them, otherwise you avoid them.

4. You have important values ​​and principles
In life, you know what you want and do everything in your power to reach your goals. You don't hesitate to change what is bothering you to optimize your well-being. In your professional and personal relationships, you rely on your fundamental values ​​and principles to succeed and preserve your relationships.

5. You feel like you are different from the others
Your ideas, beliefs and thoughts often set you apart from the rest, which is beyond your control. Therefore, it is not uncommon for you to prefer your comfort bubble and your personal space to meditate at your ease.

6. You inspire love and kindness
People feel particularly peaceful in your company as soon as they approach you. They are attracted by your benevolent halo which gives off a feeling of confidence and sincerity.

7. You are empathetic
You easily put yourself in the place of others and you get to feel what people experience in a complex or disturbing situation. You offer your support and help spontaneously, which never goes unnoticed in the eyes of your friends.

8. You favor the truth
You appreciate a sincere and authentic entourage. You abhor falsehood and fabrications. As soon as you sense that an individual has bad intentions or that he is dishonest, you do not hesitate to take him out of your life.

9. You hate useless subjects
During discussions or debates, you always favor conversations that can enrich you. If the topics covered seem to you of no use, your first reflex will be to avoid them, or at best, to try to divert the conversation to a topic that interests you.

10. You are a hardworking and committed person
Whether at work or in everyday life, you never overlook your professional conscience. You are a committed and efficient person, who achieves his objectives and who is committed to helping those around him by all means.

11. You think a lot
Your ideals often lead you to isolate yourself from others. You need to take time for yourself to think about what really matters to you.

12. You are determined
In life, you do everything in your power to achieve the goals you have set for yourself. Your entire energy is dedicated to the realization of your dreams to move forward and see your efforts come to fruition.