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Here's What It Means To See A Scarf Hanging On The Street During The Holidays

Here's What It Means To See A Scarf Hanging On The Street During The Holidays

The end of year celebrations are an opportunity for families to come together and to please young and old alike. Synonymous with conviviality, sharing and surprises, Christmas offers everyone privileged moments with their loved ones. But if this popular festival is long awaited by some, others can not enjoy it because of the cold winter. As a result, an association in North America has taken a salutary initiative, as the Cosmopolitan website reveals. Find out what it means when you find a sling hanging somewhere.

Here's What It Means To See A Scarf Hanging On The Street During The Holidays

We do not always realize that while we enjoy the holiday season, some suffer in silence. While we decorate our Christmas tree, store gifts and prepare culinary specialties to the delight of our guests, the poorest fight against the cold snap. Indeed, this period, magic for those who have the means, is unbearable for the homeless.

A amazing charitable initiative
While some people have a fireplace, blankets and warmth to fight against falling temperatures, homeless people often have no choice but to endure it. The few coins they receive from time to time are used to obtain food, but are unfortunately insufficient to buy clothes to cover themselves with cold. As a result, the Scarves in the Port City Association "Scarves in the City of the Port" has launched a movement to defend the cause of the homeless.

In recent years, participants have been collecting wool scarves from donors to hang them around certain trees, posts or fences. This altruistic gesture, totally anonymous, would allow the poorest to recover clothes to cover themselves against the cold winter.

Very quickly, this action was taken by many associations in Canada and the United States. Thanks to this same approach, people wishing to help the poorest will hang their scarves without revealing their identity.

This concept also inspired the association "Le Tricot Solidaire" in France. The latter aims to recover knits, handmade, to redistribute to the disadvantaged. In addition, the hanging scarves contain soft little words to warm the hearts of the homeless. One can read for example "I am nobody, if you are cold, I am yours". The association invites all French to participate in this action, encouraging them to put their hands in the dough to knit hats, scarves and mittens.

Do good around you
Often, we focus only on the happiness of our loved ones during this holiday season. The purchase of gifts and the preparation of festivities greatly boosting our personal pride. But in reality, giving to others, without expecting anything in return, can provide a person with an inexhaustible source of joy. A survey showed that the most generous people reaped many benefits. They were happier, had closer relationships with loved ones and felt much more satisfied with life. In addition, they worried less and had more hope for the future.

Indeed, altruism and empathy are salutary feelings that make it possible to feel the pain of others and to make contributions, according to the means of each, to improve the human condition. In addition, it should be known that this benevolence is also beneficial to the brain. According to Harvard researchers, being generous reduces the level of cortisol, making one feel much less stressed. Indeed, altruism activates the reward system in the brain, promoting well-being. People feel empowered, helpful and proud of their social contribution.

On the other hand, thinking that doing good is only good for others is deceptive. In fact, volunteering offers many benefits to the body and mind. According to a study, people who take good actions without expecting anything in return would be likely to be more energetic on a daily basis and promote better health.

Finally, good deeds make you happy! The more we give, the more we boost our self-confidence and our personal happiness. By feeling useful, we welcome very positive emotions, while bringing a little balm to the heart to those who need it most.