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10 Reasons Why People With Big Sisters Are Truly Blessed

10 Reasons Why People With Big Sisters Are Truly Blessed

A big sister is someone who has always looked after us, here are 10 reasons why having a big sister is a gift. The family bond of blood is an unalterable and unique bond. All family members are interconnected and of particular importance. It is not uncommon for a link that exists between a child with his parents or grandparents to be highlighted. However, there is another singular and little-mentioned link, that of a big sister. Here are 10 reasons why having one is such a blessing.

Brotherly conflict is not uncommon, especially when we are still children, promiscuity generates disputes between brothers and sisters. Those who have lived in a large family surely know the following: Between brothers and sisters, we hate each other, we cry, we cry but in the end, we still love each other. Here is the role that a big sister plays in the life of each person.

10 reasons why a big sister is a real blessing

1. She has been and will always be there for you.
We often talk about the importance of a mother in the life of her child, which is obviously true, but we forget to mention that the presence of our big sister is just as important. She too, testified to your first steps, your first laughs and first sorrows during all this time watched over you.

2. She will forgive you everything
Between brothers and sisters, conflict is inevitable. No matter how much you hurt your big sister, as an elder, she will always have the wisdom to forgive you, to reach out for reconciliation, forget everything and get back on a good footing.

3. She knows you better than anyone
The authority of parents is important in the lives of children. This creates a kind of distance between the two, since the child for fear will not be able to reveal everything to his parents. This separation does not exist between you and your big sister. So she knows you better than anyone.

4. You can trust her
Whether to tell her your secrets, or simply your nonsense, a big sister is always there to listen to you and will never betray you. A big sister is someone you can consult without running the risk of being judged, with the certainty of being able to speak openly.

5. She can negotiate with parents
We all made mistakes that provoked the wrath of our parents. If there is someone who knows them better than you and who can calm them down, it is your big sister. She has always been there to limit the damage and avoid harsh punishment.

6. You can be yourself with her
No need for artifice, no need to lie, your sister knows and accepts you completely. It’s for this reason that you don’t need to be anyone other than yourself with her.

7. You are always welcome at her place
When you do not know where to go and you do not want to spend an evening alone, there is someone who will never refuse to open the door of your home and it is your big sister. You can relax and rest there without worrying about external problems.

8. She's honest with you
Do not be fooled, your big sister is most often a much wiser person than you. A wisdom that she does not hesitate to share with you, even if it means telling you your four truths, because she wants you to become a better person.

9. She is the best aunt
Those who have a child and a big sister are truly blessed. She is by far the best aunt your child can have. She does not hesitate to consider your children as her own, at the risk that she spoils them a little too much.

10. She is your second mom
Having a big sister and a mom is effectively having two moms, twice as much love and twice as much tenderness. If you have a big sister, don't forget to remind her that you love her.