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5 Things You Should Avoid Doing After Having A Meal

5 Things You Should Avoid Doing After Having A Meal

Food is a daily process and essential to our health. But to optimize your digestion, here are 5 habits to avoid after a meal. The feeling of hunger is there to remind us of this every day: our bodies need food to function properly. However, if for the most part this task stops at the end of eating, know that this is not entirely true or at least it remains incomplete. Indeed, digestion is an integral part of this process and must in no case be disturbed. Eating only lasts for a meal, nourishing our body properly takes a little longer. Here are 5 habits to avoid after eating.

5 Things You Should Avoid Doing After Having A Meal

Digestion transforms the food we eat into nutrients that our body will be able to use to carry out its various functions. The human digestive system is very complex and is based on a balance that can be easily shaken.

Digestion, the essential motor
It is not uncommon to read that the body is a machine of incomparable complexity. In this metaphor, the engine is obviously the digestive system. The nutrients that are processed from the food we eat are the basis of how the body works. Good health therefore inevitably depends on the quality of what you eat, but also on the smooth running of the digestion process. For this reason, it is imperative to be vigilant after a meal so as not to disturb our stomach.

The 5 habits to avoid after eating 

Now that you understand that the period after a meal is crucial and far from trivial, here are some habits to avoid after eating.

1- Playing sports
One of the things to avoid is strenuous physical activity right after a meal. The reason ? Digestion as well as intense physical activity use a common resource that makes the combination of the two does not mix well: the blood system. During digestion, blood flows to the digestive system to transport nutrients, while during physical activity, blood is simply used to transport oxygen to the muscles. When the two are combined, you find yourself digesting poorly and having reduced performance during your activity. It is advisable to wait 2 to 3 hours after a meal to play sports

2- The nap
Napping after a meal is generally seen as a good habit to take, but this is not entirely true. As Dr. Laurence Plumey explains to Madame Figaro, "the lying position promotes gastric reflux and burning sensations. So it’s not ideal for digesting. ” It is therefore advisable to avoid falling asleep immediately after a meal.

3- Smoking
Beyond the proven health risks of cigarettes, you should know that this bad habit can also have an impact on the digestive system, as explained in this study published in the scientific journal Current Pharmaceutical Design. Indeed, smoking tobacco would increase the risk of gastrointestinal diseases.

4- Drink green tea
It may sound completely surprising, but drinking tea right after a meal is not recommended. For optimal digestion, the body needs to secrete certain enzymes. However, the tannins contained in tea inhibit this action. In addition, the latter would block the absorption of iron by the body. It is therefore advisable to consume it one hour before or after eating.

5- Wear a tight belt
Finally and while it seems logical, remember that it is essential to eat without pressure on your stomach. For those who wear belts, be aware that this can cause digestion problems, as explained by Dr. Richard Haddad, nutrition specialist. According to this study, a tight belt would affect the rate of carbohydrate absorption. So do not hesitate to loosen your belt after your meals to feel better.