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Top 5 Benefits Of Sleeping Naked

Top 5 Benefits Of Sleeping Naked

 5 Benefits Of Sleeping Naked

Did you know that sleeping completely naked can bring a myriad of benefits to your body and mind? Find out Five benefits of sleeping nude. people hesitate to sleep naked and persist in bundling up warm, fluffy clothes before going to bed. While sleeping all covered can provide some comfort, especially in cold weather, sleeping naked can bring a myriad of benefits to the body and mind. More and more scientific studies confirm the benefits of sleeping naked and today, more and more doctors recommend sleeping in the simplest device!

Today, there is no longer any doubt that sleep is an integral part of the well-being formula and is essential for maintaining it. For this reason, we must work by all means to seek the best possible sleep conditions. Although our elders believed that sleeping fully clothed was the right thing to do, several scientific studies found that sleeping naked was very beneficial for physical and mental health. Therefore, it is time to free yourself from the stigma of yesteryear and allow yourself to accept your body as it is. Here are 5 scientifically proven benefits you will get if you sleep naked.

1- You will feel less stressed
During sleep, the human body secretes more cortisol, a steroid hormone that plays several roles in the body, including the response to stress. This has earned it the nickname "the stress hormone" because it helps the body manage it by generating the energy required to nourish muscles, the brain and the heart.

2- You will regulate your growth hormone
By removing your underwear before going to bed, you will allow your body to release more hormones like melatonin or growth hormone. The latter being responsible for repairing the cells of your skin and protecting it from aging, sleeping naked will allow you to stay young and maintain radiant skin. So if you want to fight wrinkles, start by sleeping naked!

3- You will sleep better
It has been scientifically proven that falling asleep in a cold environment is easier than in a warm environment. So your sleep will be better. Since sleeping naked keeps your body temperature relatively low, this habit is great for improving the quality of sleep.

4- You will keep your genitals healthy
Sleeping naked is good for genitals of both women and men:

- A study has found that wearing tight underwear has a huge impact on human fertility as it affects not only the production but also the quality of sperm. It is therefore recommended to wear underwear as loose as possible during the day and sleep in your Adam costume in the evening if you want to preserve or optimize your fertility.

- Women often think that sleeping naked exposes them to infections, but researchers have found that women who wear tight underwear are more likely to get vaginal infections. Indeed, tight underwear compress your genitals and make it a hot and humid environment, and therefore conducive to the multiplication of bacteria and fungi. Therefore, for the health of their genitals, doctors recommend women to wear loose cotton underwear during the day and sleep naked at night.

5- You will feel better about yourself and more confident with your partner
Sleeping naked may increase your body's production of oxytocin, the love hormone, according to a 2015 study. So when the body temperature is lowered, the brain goes into deep sleep which allows the brain to flush out toxins. In addition, oxytocin is a health hormone produced by the body during different social relationships, or even during sexual intercourse, allowing you to feel happy and sensual. Its production depends largely on touch; sleeping naked, especially with your partner, greatly promotes its production.