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7 Tips To Spot Real and Fake Famous Brands

7 Tips To Spot Real and Fake Famous Brands

10 Tips To Spot Between Real and Fake Famous Brands

It’s sometimes complicated to spot “fake” products. To minimize the risk of scams, learn to recognize real and fakes from these 7 famous brands. We frequently meet people who succumb to tempting offers while thinking they get the so-called famous brands. Bags, glasses and shoes are among the products popular with sellers of counterfeit goods. In this article, we give you secrets that will help fans of these 7 brands listed below.

Do you think you are good at identifying your favorite brands? Do you tend to assess quality and trust a product's reputation before buying it? Please be aware that many people are being fooled by manufacturers of counterfeit goods these days. By almost perfectly imitating the brand logo and the characteristics of the items most in demand by consumers, some can sell “fake” at an exorbitant price! To avoid expenses that do not justify quality, discover ingenious tips that will help you identify counterfeit products from 7 brands.


1- Timberland boots
When original, Timberland boots have a caramel-colored sole that tends towards the color of the shoes. The logo and brand name are printed there. The logo is located above the heel, clearly marked and positioned vertically. As for the metal eyelets of the boots, they are well rounded. There are 7 on the models of boots for men and 6 on the female models. In addition, the stitches should be white.


2- Pandora bracelets
Pandora products have a unique color. Thanks to a niellage technique, the brand offers silver bracelets, neither too shiny nor too clear. In addition, the new original bracelets do not bend and keep their shape which draws the wrist. You can observe the weaving that covers them. The size of the clasp is similar to that of the charms and there is an engraving on this product which represents the name of the brand with a crown above the letter “O”. In the clasp, there is once again the brand name as well as a small four-headed screw which helps to fix the bracelet. In addition, Murano glass charms have the advantage of never having any cracks or air bubbles inside.


3- Levi's jeans
On the original Levi’s jeans, there is a singular pattern on the sides. In addition, we see on the back pockets a unique design formed by two lines. In addition, there is a patch in imitation leather or pressed cardboard at the waist and above the right rear pocket. Of course, the label includes the logo, the slogans, the size, the drawing of two riders on a horse and the model number. In addition, we find on the main button of the Jean, the full name of the brand “Levi Strauss” and behind, the model number.


4- Lacoste polo shirts
As for the Lacoste brand, the original polo shirts clearly display the brand's logo. The colors of the crocodile are well highlighted with a bright red tongue and a green body. The tail is parallel to the back of the animal. We also find the brand logo and the size of the garment mentioned in red under the collar. In addition, the polo shirts have pearl buttons with two holes.


5- Guess watches
Generally, Guess watches contain straps made of metal, silicone or leather. On the case of the originals, we find the logo and the name of the brand, the material used for the watch and certain characteristics of the product.


6- New Balance sneakers
We distinguish the original New Balance sneakers thanks to their logos inscribed on the tongue, the side of the shoe, the buttress and the sole. On the side, the logo has a badge shape. In addition, the foam sole of the originals is flexible and the outsole is rubber. Finally, we find on the insole the logo, the name of the model and the size.


7- Michael Kors bags
The original Michael Kors bags still have cream-colored labels. On these, you can find the material used, the price, the article code, the shade and the bar code. In addition, the brand name is engraved on the bag's supplies.