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7 Ingenious Ideas To Transform Old Towels Into 7 New Useful Items

7 Ingenious Ideas To Transform Old Towels Into 7 New Useful Items

7 Ingenious Ideas To Transform Old Towels Into 7 New Useful Items

If you don't know what to do with your old towels, we have the answer for you: 7 great tips to give them a second life. With the current need to protect the planet, it seems important to pay particular attention to recycling. However, the latter does not only concern waste but also the various everyday objects that one might be tempted to throw away. Did you know that you can use an old towel to make 7 new items more useful than each other? In this article, we show you how.
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If you have one or more old towels that you think are only good for being thrown in the trash, think again! In this article, we share with you 7 incredible tips to give them new life and turn them into very useful objects.

Perfect bath slippers

1- Perfect bath slippers
If you're a fan of fluffy hotel and spa slippers, you can easily recreate them at home using the old towel you plan to throw away.

To make your bath slippers, simply create the model according to the desired size and place it on the towel to make the cut. You will then need to assemble your scraps of fabric using a thread and a needle, and voila. These bath slippers will be very useful for your sports sessions or even your trips by helping you dry your feet after your shower.

A new original “trivet”

2- A new original “trivet”
You can turn your old towel into a perfect trivet. To do this, you just need a piece of flat cardboard and your old towel. Start by cutting two pieces of your towel slightly larger than the end of the cardboard, then assemble them, placing the end of the cardboard inside, using a thread and a needle.

Then give free rein to your imagination for decoration; colorful ribbons, buttons and patches will take it from an old towel to a beautiful trivet.

A very soft toilet bag

3- A very soft toilet bag
In addition to being soft, the fabric of the towels is perfect for toilet bags as they tend to be very messy. The fabric will be easily washable and will allow you to clean any task of lipstick, mascara, foundation or eyeshadow much more easily!

Again, all you need is a thread and a needle and a dose of imagination to decorate your kit as you see fit. When it comes to closing your bag, just use buttons or a zipper.

 A tablecloth or a play mat

4- A tablecloth or a play mat
A large towel or a towel made up of several small towels sewn together could make a superb tablecloth, blanket or even a very comfortable and easy to clean carpet.

You can use your tablecloth for picnics, place it on the floor so that your children can play comfortably, or even place it on your table to protect it while doing your practical work.

weather stripping

5- A weather stripping
If you roll up your towel and tie pretty ribbons at the ends, you will create a very effective weather strip that you can place at the bottom of your windows to keep you warm during the winter.

You can once again decorate your towel as you see fit to harmonize it with your interior.

An exfoliating glove

6- An exfoliating glove
Why not put your old towels to work in your beauty rituals? The towel fabric is perfect for gently exfoliating your skin, it would be wise to make an exfoliating washcloth that will rid your skin of dead cells in the shower.

Nothing could be simpler: just cut your old glove-shaped towel by sewing the two pieces of fabric together.

comfortable bed for your pets

7- A comfortable bed for your pets
If you have a pet, make them happy by making a soft bed out of your old towels. Just place them in a cozy corner he prefers or directly in his basket to make it more comfortable. Your pet will thank you and love you even more!