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6 Useful Things You Could Make With Leftover Scraps of Fabric At Home

6 Useful Things You Could Make With Leftover Scraps of Fabric At Home

Could Make With Leftover Scraps of Fabric At Home

Here's how to make fabric objects at home, do it yourself. Whether sewing is one of your passions or just a hobby to keep you busy at home, away from the pressure of work and new technologies, these tips could be very useful for you! What could be better than combining business with pleasure and feeling at the service of your own home by adding a personal touch? Prepare your fabrics and needles to do 6 different things and make profit!

You probably have old newspapers and documents that you want to keep because you think they might be of use to you. Well, you are not wrong, because they will be very useful for cutting the fabrics of certain models. Discover 6 easy things to do to get your house in order! Follow the steps step by step and you will be very satisfied.

A bagback for your bags

1- A bagback for your bags
To make it, cut a piece of fabric 50 x 50 cm, and hem at both ends to pass the elastic. On the reverse side, fold the fabric in half to have a rectangle 50 cm high by 25 cm wide. This is where you will need to sew your bag, from the bottom to the hem. Insert the elastic through a safety pin and join its two ends to close. Finally, return the bag!

A paper holder

2- A paper holder
To sew a paper roll holder, cut a strip of fabric 162cm long and 15cm wide and put a bias on each side.

Install two fixing lugs for the wooden bar. Whenever you would like to insert the fixing tabs, stitch with 1 cm of seam and turn over.

Measure and topstitch to form pockets to hold your rolls of kitchen paper, for example.

A document holder

3- A document holder
The material you will need is as follows: a piece of cotton fabric 110 cm long and 22 cm wide, 90 cm bias and 10 cm elastic.

Draw three rectangles on the back of the fabric: for the cover 18 cm x 19.5 cm, for the pockets two rectangles of 9.5 cm x 18 cm, and for the edge a piece of bias of 76 cm.

Turn the pocket backwards, fold one side inwards and fix the fold with the iron. You can now sew the fabric on two long sides.

A kitchen glove

4- A kitchen glove
For this, you need to draw the glove on a sheet of paper, then on a fabric. Cut the glove 4 times. On the fleece, take the same dimensions of the glove and cut 2 times. Before sewing, it will be necessary to superimpose fabric, fleece and more fabric. Repeat the same steps to make the bottom. Now that the glove is sewn, you will only have the bias for the bottom of the glove.

Could Make With Leftover Scraps of Fabric At Home

5- A backpack
Nothing is easier than sewing a backpack! As soon as you have sewn the inside of the bag before turning it over, you will need to add a handle or cord, to form a sort of zipper that remains open.

Attach your strap to one end of your bag, sew, then pass it through the zipper. Your backpack can then close.

A table set

6- A table set
In a few simple steps, you can make your own table sets and decorate your table as you wish! Prepare the fabrics and cut a 30 x 40 cm rectangle on them. The same dimensions must be cut to quilt your placemats, before sewing the fine fleece. You will only have to assemble the two sides of the table set, to notch the angles and to finish, finishing the seam around the table set.