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 Bags Under The Eyes: The Trick Of The Spoon To Make Them Disappear Naturally

Bags Under The Eyes: The Trick Of The Spoon To Make Them Disappear Naturally

How to get rid of bags under the eyes? Or at least mitigate them? We give you a trick to have a fresh and rested look without resorting to the magic of makeup. With this technique, no more puffiness and your eyes are magnified and rested.

Bags Under The Eyes

For those in a hurry who wake up in the morning with panda eyes and puffiness after a short night's sleep, a technique has proven to be effective in relieving the fatigue of the eyes and restoring their freshness. But before revealing this trick to you, it is a question of understanding the reason for the existence of these inconveniences which spoil the freshness of your look.

What are the causes of the appearance of bags under the eyes?

Stress, hormonal change, lack of sleep or hereditary factor. The reasons for the appearance of these imperfections under the eyes are multiple. A good night's sleep, a balanced diet and good hydration, not to mention regular physical activity, can alleviate this inconvenience and restore a lively and attractive look. In addition, when bags are hereditary, it becomes more difficult to get rid of them. With age, they are accentuated and become more apparent.

To reduce puffiness but also dark circles under the eyes and gain a rested look, there are some tips that can rejuvenate the look and beautify this periorbital area.

How to reduce bags under the eyes with the spoon technique?

If before going to work or if you are out in the evening and you notice that your face is ravaged by fatigue and that bags are dulling your eyes and aging you, do not panic! You just need to bring two teaspoons that you will have put in the refrigerator half an hour before. Place the domed side of the chilled spoonfuls on your puffiness-prone eyelids, applying pressure to activate blood circulation. The cold thus stimulates the blood circulation of the lymphatic tissues and decongests the skin to reduce swelling. Dark circles and eye puffiness will fade in no time and be less noticeable.

Other natural tips to reduce bags under the eyes

Tea to get rid of bags under eyes

Wet and cold tea bags are said to be an effective remedy and the solution to fight puffiness and dark circles. Simply freeze the sachets used for a few minutes and then apply them under the eyes. After a hard, stressful day at work, this is the remedy par excellence.

Vitamin E to reduce puffiness under the eyes

If you have not had your fill of sleep, opt for vitamin E. With a few drops of this vitamin, you will be surprised with the result. This oil, which you will find in capsules or in a bottle, hydrates this thin part of the skin and activates the blood circulation responsible for the appearance of puffiness or the dark color of dark circles. In addition, vitamin E is antioxidant and helps protect the skin from the effects of time and thus reduce wrinkles and fine lines on the face. With just a few drops, Vitamin E works as an anti-inflammatory to reduce puffiness and deflate it.

To take advantage of its benefits, apply a drop of this oil directly to the eyelids each evening before bedtime. Also, be careful not to touch the inside of the eyes. Results will be visible especially if you adopt this ritual every evening.

Will you buddy up with these tricks to reduce your pockets? Do not hesitate to test them to adopt them in your beauty routine. However, do not forget that a healthy lifestyle is the guarantee of radiant skin and luminous eyes.