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 5 Practical Detox Tips

5 Practical Detox Tips

Losing weight is a scary subject for many women. They constantly check the contents of their plate. They live in sawtooth between episodes of food frustration, to lose a few pounds, and episodes where we relax completely to eat everything we want like during the holidays! … But in guilt. How to get out of this vicious circle? Lose weight permanently, is it even possible?

5 Practical Detox Tips


If you really want to get out of the vicious circle of dietary discrepancies and permanent guilt, ask yourself this question clearly: Why am I eating (right now)? If you are eating because you are really hungry, this dish is not likely to cause weight gain.

If you are eating because you are tired, or because you are frustrated (because of work or transport or even because of family conflicts), then the contents of your plate will not be properly metabolized. In summary, to lose weight permanently, you must stop eating in response to stress or frustration, whether psychological, financial, or otherwise.


To install a sustainable dietary change, you should no longer consider healthy foods as an obligation, and fatty or sugary foods as the cute sin of the day. This may take time, but it is the only way to manage to lose weight in a sustainable way, by consuming more and more revitalizing foods and less and less poor foods (in nutritional value) even if they give you immediate pleasure.


Follow a simple, organic diet. Avoid foods containing wheat, sugar, yeast. We also exclude fish, red meat and dairy products.

- Reduce caffeine and alcohol consumption as much as possible. Instead, favor teas and infusions such as green matchas.

Prioritize products beneficial to the liver in your diet.

- Digestion is the key to a good detox: bitter foods such as lemon, green tea, or turmeric can also help with more efficient digestion.

- Favor green, orange, red vegetables… (preferably steamed), almonds and seeds for snacks, as well as hot and light vegetable soups.

- Practicing a physical activity is important to allow the body to eliminate more quickly all the toxins accumulated during the winter and to boost the metabolism.