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How To Choose The Perfect Bedding?

How To Choose The Perfect Bedding?

Foam, spring, latex, hybrid, memory foam mattresses, etc. Choosing a the right bedding is a real headache. One thing is certain: at Valentin, we are convinced that technology should not be a criterion of choice, but the consequence of a real discovery of your needs. Let's first talk about your habits, the quality of your sleep, and we will choose the best option together. What is certain, however, is that the universal solution does not exist. Here are some useful tips with Valentin, manufacturer and distributor of mattresses, box springs and bed linen based in Quimper, Brittany.

How To Choose The Perfect Bedding

When to change your bed?

It is often advised to change your mattress every ten years. Indeed, over time, the supportive qualities of your bedding deteriorate and the quality of our sleep can suffer. In the same way, badly adapted equipment, too flexible or on the contrary too firm compared to your habits (your sleeping position in particular) will create significant pressure points which are likely to disturb your rest.

Choose well…

First of all, the morphology must be taken into account and will often help to determine the support that will suit you best. For example, a large build will fully benefit from a so-called “firm” or “extra firm” mattress.

If you or your spouse move during sleep, sleeping independence may also be taken into account. Thanks to zoning, we can also differentiate the firmness of different sectors of the mattress because the pressure exerted is not the same in different parts of the body.

It is important to also determine the desired reception. Welcome is the first impression felt when you lie down. Rather enveloping or on the contrary tonic, it is also a matter of feeling and personal preference, which may have consequences on the choice of upholstery or technology.

And we must not forget the box spring which, like the mattress, is an essential element of the comfort of your bedding. It dampens about 1/3 of our movements!

Force of habit

Finally, we all have our habits… and sometimes our little ailments: sleeping position, difficulty falling asleep, back pain, feeling hot,… so many points that need to be identified to find the ideal solution. A spring mattress could for example be adapted for a tonic reception and a search for ventilation, latex could be favored for its flexible reception, and if you suffer from back pain the recommendation will be to opt for a fairly firm support in order to that the spine is better maintained.

The choice of a bed is a clever mix of rational criteria and sensations. Do not hesitate to come and do a test yourself in the store; this is an opportunity to ask questions while trying the proposed solutions.