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 5 Things You Should Never Keep In A Wallet

5 Things You Should Never Keep In A Wallet

Wallet where you keep your money preciously is a daily essential. It is for this reason that it is necessary to avoid putting certain important and personal objects there at the risk of losing them.

Identity papers, credit card, souvenirs, are all objects that you keep in your wallet. Only, there are things not to keep in this accessory. And for good reason, if it is misplaced or stolen, you risk losing personal and essential documents.

5Things You Should Never Carry in Your Wallet

What are the things not to carry in your wallet?

It is important to be careful with this object which contains your identity papers. Contrary to what many people think, the wallet does not have to contain all our daily essentials. It happens that this object often present in your bags is stolen or lost. When this happens, you often lose valuable means of payment or items.

There are habits to banish and avoid at the risk of losing important information or documents following a theft or loss.

1- Keeping too much money can get you in trouble if your wallet is stolen

Wallets most often contain coins and banknotes and this is essential. Only it is better not to put a large amount of money into this accessory. This allows you to save more and not be the bait of pickpockets or thieves who can see your wallet full. It is therefore recommended to often pay with your credit card rather than making a large withdrawal. If you prefer to use cash, keep it in your pocket, a safer place than this accessory. In the event of loss or theft of your wallet, it is recommended to report it to the police headquarters and to contact your banking institution for an opposition to your bank card. Also, it is important not to keep a checkbook in your wallet.

2- Keeping cash deposit receipts and reception tickets in the wallet can expose you to the risk of identity theft

Make a habit of keeping bank receipts in a drawer at home. It is important to keep them at home and not in a wallet because these documents give many indications on your bank account.

3- Put photos of loved ones in your wallet is a bad idea

This object, which can contain a card holder, often contains family photos. However, it is not advisable to keep photos of your children or family members. And for good reason, in the event of theft or loss, these objects of sentimental value may be lost. Instead, remember to keep them on your computer or even personalize the cover of your phone with your family photo.

4- It is not recommended to leave condoms in a wallet

Some people are used to finding it trivial to keep several condoms in the wallet. And for good reason, these means of protection must be stored in a cool and dry place, which is the complete opposite of a wallet. It is rather recommended to put them in your pocket or in a purse. This habit will allow you to avoid tears of this latex object.

5- You can stay anonymous by keeping your passwords somewhere other than your wallet

One thing is certain: a wallet that contains your credit cards puts you at risk if you put notes in it containing your social network passwords or your phone and bank card PIN codes. It will be necessary to keep the less important in this accessory and to place those which should not be hacked in hidden places in your house. To keep these codes, opt for the digital password manager which will allow you to access your bank account or your social security account.

You will understand: a wallet filled with your personal effects can be dangerous in the event of loss or theft. Arranging these 5 objects elsewhere than in the wallet will save you a lot of trouble!