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 When Should Cucumber Seeds Be Planted For A Bountiful Harvest?

When Should Cucumber Seeds Be Planted For A Bountiful Harvest?

Crunchy and refreshing, the cucumber is one of the key vegetables that we gladly include in our salads all year round and particularly in summer. Composed of 96% water, generally consumed raw, it is an essential slimming ally with fantastic virtues. Thanks to its cocktail of vitamins and minerals, a cucumber-based smoothie promotes good intestinal transit, detoxifies the body and even has anti-stress benefits. Rich in fiber and low in calories, it is vitalizing, draining and moisturizing. As a bonus, beyond its unique flavor, cucumber is also renowned for its benefits in the world of beauty. Indeed, it has astringent, healing and moisturizing properties. It thus purifies the skin by restoring its radiance and effectively fights against redness, itching, dark circles and even prevents wrinkles! In short, you will understand, this vegetable has everything good.

Cucumber Seeds Be Planted

Originally from Western Asia and belonging to the Cucurbitaceae family, the cucumber is now cultivated throughout the world. This plant with long creeping stems reveals webbed leaves and small yellow flowers. Although there are different varieties, the cucumber is often known to have a green colored skin and a cylindrical shape. Considered a fruit in botany, it is not so difficult to grow it at home. In addition, if you know how to sow cucumbers vertically, they will be very space-saving and will find an ideal place in your vegetable garden. Attention, the more the heat is present, the more its production will be optimal. If you plant the seeds at the wrong time, you risk not having a successful sowing and having a poor quality harvest. To prevent the seeds from germinating at all, certain rules must be strictly followed.

Find out when and how to plant the seeds to have a successful harvest and enjoy all the benefits of cucumber at home!

When to plant cucumber seeds indoors?

When deciding when to plant cucumber seeds, it is important to know whether they will be planted indoors or outdoors.

To have the best chance of germinating, you should plant the seeds indoors, either near a sunny window or in a greenhouse. Indeed, “germination is much more efficient in a protected environment,” explains cultivation expert Lucy Chamberlain. But, you should know that these seeds can take a few weeks to germinate: it is therefore better to germinate them a little earlier than other crops, generally around March or April, sometimes even before. "As cucumbers need a long time in the sun to mature, sow the seeds in early spring to ensure good-sized plants, at least 10cm in height," points out Aaron Bertelsen, author of Grow. Fruit and Vegetables in Pots.

To minimize the risk of rotting the seeds, it is advisable to place them on the outer edge of the pot and lay them to the side. They should be planted about half an inch deep. Keep the soil moist, but not too much. Before planting your cucumber seedlings, it's best to harden them off in a sheltered spot for a few days, so they can adjust to the change in temperature. “Cucumbers will need daily watering once the fruit begins to develop, they are 96% water and a dose of liquid food every ten days or so,” says Bertelsen.

Note: Make sure you know how to prune cucumber plants to maximize fruit production as they grow.

When to plant cucumber seeds outdoors?

If you want to plant your cucumber seeds directly outdoors, they must be planted later, unlike those grown indoors. Sow seeds between late spring and early summer (May or June), depending on your local climate. Place them in a sunny spot, sheltered from strong winds, and plant them in single rows about 35 inches apart.

If you want to train the plants on trellises, it is best to insert them now. There are many wonderful trellis ideas for the vegetable garden to explore. You can also let the cucumber plants spread out on the ground as they grow. Do not hesitate to study all the cucumber planting options to keep pests away.

When is the best time to plant cucumber seeds?

Spring remains the best time to plant cucumber seeds. But there is some flexibility in this period, and you can try to make successive plantings to ensure a regular supply in summer. Repot them if necessary before planting them in May. If you sow in April, you can expect a good harvest from August. But you can also try to sow the seeds a few weeks earlier, if you want to achieve a long and abundant harvest.

Is it too late to plant cucumbers?

Depending on the local climate, usually the deadline for planting your cucumber seeds and harvesting fruit is between June and July. When planted in warm weather, plants establish themselves much faster than in the spring. August will probably be too late to plant your seeds, but you can still find young plants at nurseries that you can grow at home.

How long does it take to grow cucumbers from seed?

Cucumber seeds take up to two weeks to germinate and around 12 weeks to produce fruit.

It is better to harvest them when they are young, fresh and tender to take full advantage of their benefits and their flavor.