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How To Use Half A Lemon To Clean Your Oven

How To Use Half A Lemon To Clean Your Oven

Whether it is an electric or gas oven, cleaning it can be complicated. And for good reason, the dirt and grease stains that accumulate there can be difficult to remove. It is tiring and boring, and the products used to remedy it are not always effective. To restore luster and shine to your hob, lemon is your ally. It is a natural ingredient that beats all stubborn stains hands down.

How To Use Half A Lemon To Clean The Oven Tray

The hob is an everyday object that suffers from stains and soiling due to cooked dishes. But a natural ingredient makes it possible to overcome these splashes of sauces and others, without difficulty and without real effort. This is the lemon, a grandmother trick that has proven itself.

How to use lemon to clean the oven tray?

To clean the cooker, some people use chemicals which, moreover, are harmful to health and the environment. However, there is an ecological solution for natural cleaning and at a lower cost: lemon. Renowned for its cleansing, descaling and disinfecting properties, lemon is effective in cleaning all your household appliances.

From being used, the oven plate accumulates grease and dirt. But thanks to the citric acid in lemon, you can say goodbye to splatters on your hob and get it clean like new.

To use it, all you have to do is cut a lemon in half. Then squeeze half a lemon to extract the juice that you pour over the entire surface of the plate. With the other half of the lemon, rub the baking sheet to remove stains and dirt. At the end, wipe with a damp cloth to remove residue then dry with a microfiber cloth. You will see an immediate result on your hob that will shine with a thousand lights.

Other Tips for Cleaning the Stove Top

Going by grandma's advice, there are a plethora of natural tips for cleaning a stovetop. Between baking soda, vinegar and others, there is no shortage of ecological ingredients.

– Black soap to clean the hobs

Stain remover, cleaner and degreaser, black soap is a 100% natural product whose uses are no longer to be counted. Just put a small amount on a sponge and rub the hob. Then rinse and dry with a clean cloth.

– Clay to have clean cooking plates

Usually in the form of clay stone or white stone, clay is a tremendous asset in cleaning. To take advantage of its virtues, rub the clay stone against a damp sponge and clean with the hob. Then rinse with a damp cloth and dry.

– Baking soda and vinegar to clean the hobs

These are the cleaning essentials. Degreasers, disinfectants and deodorizers, these ingredients make it easy to get rid of stubborn stains. To benefit from their cleaning power, start by sprinkling baking soda on the surface of the plate and then spraying white vinegar. A foam will occur which will dislodge the dirt. Leave on for a few minutes then wipe with a microfiber cloth to get rid of residue. And voila !

What about ceramic hobs?

First of all, you should know that this surface is particularly sensitive to anything abrasive such as rough sponges. It is best to use a soft sponge to clean and a microfiber cloth to wipe. If, moreover, your vitroceramic hob has encrusted stains, you can opt for a special vitro scraper, specially designed for this type of material and which will not scratch the hob.

Several natural ingredients can be used to clean ceramic hobs. We mention lemon, dishwashing liquid Meudon white. The latter is a clay-like powder. You can make a paste of it by mixing two tablespoons of this powder with a little water and spreading it on the ceramic hob. With a soft, damp sponge, rub the surface, then rinse and dry with a microfiber cloth.

Tip: To prevent the cleaning of the hob from being tedious, it should be cleaned daily. Thus, the stains will not have time to set in and will not be difficult to remove.