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How To Avoid Shrinking Your Pants During Washing ?

How To Avoid Shrinking Your Pants During Washing ?

Why do pants shrink in the washing machine and what are the best methods to avoid this inconvenience? What's more frustrating than buying clothes with taste and desire, only to see them shrink in the wash a few days later? A real torture, isn't it? And yet, the phenomenon is quite common. A few fatal mistakes and your sweaters, sweatshirts and especially pants are one size smaller. Impossible to wear them in this state, of course. No question of getting rid of it either!

How To Avoid Shrinking Your Pants During Washing ?

We are going to reveal some solutions to prevent the disaster. But, the first thing to do, which the majority generally neglects: follow the washing instructions. You know that famous label that hides inside your pants. Yes, yes the very one that you tend to cut with scissors without even glancing at it. However, it is nevertheless she who provides you with a maximum of recommendations on the optimal way to wash your pants: washing machine or by hand, normal or delicate fabric, temperature, drying... Obviously, without all this information, you risk bound to make mistakes!

Discover all our useful tips for preserving your clothes from shrinking.

The type of washing

As we all know, the type of washing is fundamental. Modern washing machines have wash programs suitable for different fabrics, including cotton. Opt for a delicate wash.

Warning: avoid putting a large amount of detergent which could penetrate the fibers and harden them easily. Always opt for a natural fabric softener!

The fabric of pants

The washing labels provide information about the fibers from which the garment is made. If you see that most of them are synthetic, there is less chance of them shrinking. On the other hand, when there is more than 60% cotton, this fabric risks shrinking in contact with water, in the same way as silk or wool.

So you can already get a first response by only seeing the label before you even buy the pants.


Moisture, as you well know, is the No. 1 enemy of clothes for many different reasons. Among the various reasons why humidity is to be avoided, there is also the factor of the shrinkage of wool, cotton and silk fibers.

So, you should wash the pants only if you have the opportunity to hang them out in the fresh air. You can also install them in a room with an electronic dehumidifier or use natural tricks.

Beware of heat sources that can also shrink clothes: it is therefore better not to place them near a radiator or stove.


The temperature is a crucial element that determines the shrinkage of the pants. A high-temperature wash cycle puts a lot of strain on the cotton fibers, which will therefore tend to shrink.

How to prevent pants from shrinking in the laundry?

Once we have seen the main causes of pants shrinking in the washing machine, now here are some tips to fix it:

  • Do not wash your clothes too frequently: this is not an apology for dirt, we just ask you to be careful when wearing your pants to avoid multiple washes. Because precisely, a cleaning frequency that is too close, or even excessive, risks triggering shrinkage more quickly.
  • Check the weather before putting them in the washing machine: as we said, ideally, you should dry your pants in the open air outside. Also, it is better to avoid rainy days. A quick look at the weather will allow you to act accordingly.
  • Always read washing labels.
  • Use a natural fabric softener: you can use citric acid, vinegar or lemon.

Why choose a homemade fabric softener? Because it's a great alternative to industrial products that usually contain allergens that are toxic to the skin and can clog up the washing machine. Not to mention that they are quite expensive! So, as long as you do, some natural and biodegradable ingredients can do the trick perfectly. In particular citric acid, which stands out for its powerful anti-limestone properties: not only does it descale the washing machine, but it also eliminates rust stains on fabrics and acts as a perfect fabric softener. Same refrain on the side of white vinegar which softens the water thanks to its anti-limestone action. Like lemon, to replace the classic fabric softener, vinegar can be used before each wash to prevent your clothes from becoming rough and shrinking at the same time. As a bonus, these ingredients eliminate all bad smells!

With these few preventive solutions, you will no longer have to worry about your pants or your laundry in general. You can machine wash with peace of mind!