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 How To Store Garlic For More Than A Year, Without Changing Color Or Losing Vitamins

How To Store Garlic For More Than A Year, Without Changing Color Or Losing Vitamins

Store garlic in such a way that it is tasty and easy to use throughout the year. Freezing and salting techniques can help you have garlic available all year round. One thing is certain: you will adopt this trick in your daily life.

Store Garlic For More Than A Year

Do you have tasty garlic in your kitchen and wondering how to store it properly? It is not only the consistency and taste of this food that is essential, but also the nutrients present in these healthy pods.

Garlic is an herbaceous plant that contains many vitamins (including A, B, and C) and minerals such as selenium, beneficial calcium, and iodine. Other active ingredients are flavonoids, polysaccharides, triterpene saponins, lectins, and peptides.

How to store garlic for more than a year

Find out how to avoid losing these nutrients by saving this food!

The first big option is undoubtedly freezing. The rapid change in temperature preserves most of the aromatic and taste substances. It is best to store it in an airtight bag such as a vacuum seal bag. In this case, just peel the garlic, squeeze it and put it in the bag.

Properly spread the garlic in the bag and cut it into small squares. All you have to do is open the bag and remove the garlic if necessary.

How do you keep the whole freezer from smelling like garlic?

So that your household appliance does not impregnate this strong odor, it will be necessary to place the bag in another container. We recommend doing the same when using a box to store your garlic.

Stick a label on the container where your garlic is stored indicating the best-before date and use it within 12 months of freezing it.

Other handy tips for storing garlic

You can also use salt to preserve garlic. To do this, peel and crush the garlic. Then store it with the salt in a jar. Wash it first and dry it thoroughly.

Since it's a staple in the kitchen, it pays to always have some garlic on hand. It is for this reason that fans of Mediterranean cuisine have long had a specific container to store them, near the fire or on the worktop. This typical container, closely associated with their rural practices, should not be forgotten in modern homes as they will bring a rustic charm to your kitchen.

What are the caveats?

Place the garlic cloves, spacing them one centimeter apart, in the salt that you will pour in as you go. Continue until the jar is full and store the jar in the refrigerator.

The trick to peeling garlic easily

Many hate the smell of garlic which often stays on their hands.

To remedy this, place the separated garlic cloves in a large bowl and shake them vigorously for two minutes.