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How To Remove Facial Hair With Baking Soda

How To Remove Facial Hair With Baking Soda

How to remove unwanted hair using natural baking soda recipe is one of the wide questions of women. Hair on the chin, mustache... in other words, it's the pet peeve of the females. These unwanted hairs, more or less accentuated in each other, are often the source of complexes. No wonder laser solutions have been on the rise for a few years. Except that this method still presents risks and not all are ready to adhere to it. Not to mention that this solution, sometimes invasive, is not the most economical.

Remove Facial Hair With Baking Soda

Therefore, many women regularly get rid of their facial hair by opting more easily for classic waxing with hot or cold wax. Unfortunately, here again, some people often complain of a few side effects: when your skin is too fragile, this kind of hair removal can lead to redness, burning, itching, and even unsightly pimples. Not to mention that it is long, painful and painful!

Would there be another alternative? Absolutely yes. Have you ever considered using natural methods to remove all those hairs that bother you? Did you know, for example, that the fusion between baking soda and coffee offers amazing results? This tip turns out to be effective, ecological and inexpensive… it might be time to get started!

Mixture of baking soda and coffee

Exit industrial products and make way for homemade hair removal, to get rid of your hair without pain, using ingredients that you surely already have at home!

Mixing baking soda with two tablespoons of coffee is the unexpected trick that will help you slow down the growth of body hair. The combination of these two ingredients will thus weaken the hair root which will no longer be considered unsightly as it grows. Coffee and baking soda have excellent exfoliating properties and their granulation is ideal for removing all the dead cells accumulated on the surface.

This method will act as a scrub on your skin: both baking soda and coffee will leave your skin soft and smooth while preventing hair regrowth.

As a bonus, the thinner the hair root, the less unpleasant it will be to the touch. Suffice to say that this technique will be easily adopted by many women!

N.B: The quality of the coffee does not matter because it will work perfectly regardless of its type. This way you can achieve healthier, softer and radiant skin.


– a tablespoon of baking soda

– two tablespoons of ground coffee

– 2 tablespoons of water


By using this remedy, you will be able to reduce the amount of unwanted hair and slow down regrowth. In addition, coffee also has the ability to reactivate blood circulation in the area where it is applied, which also contributes to its firmness and the fight against existing cellulite.

To prepare, mix baking soda with coffee and a little water until smooth, then gently massage the desired area. Leave the mixture on the skin for at least 5 minutes. Then you have to wash well as usual and be careful not to miss any coffee particles. After rinsing, it is recommended to use your usual moisturizer.

Other Tips for Removing Facial Hair

1- Chickpea flour and lemon

The combination of chickpea flour and lemon offers an exfoliating treatment which, in addition to making hair disappear, reduces the presence of dead cells.


– 5 tablespoons of chickpea flour (50 g)

– The juice of ½ lemon

– 1 teaspoon of natural yoghurt (7 g)


Put all the ingredients in a bowl and mix until you get a homogeneous mixture. Then apply the mixture to the desired areas of the face and leave on for 20-30 minutes. Once dry, remove the product by applying light pressure in the direction of hair growth.

2- Cornstarch and eggs

This duo is going to create a sticky, thick mixture that, when applied, makes it easier to remove facial hair.


- 1 egg

– 5 tablespoons of cornstarch (50 g)


Beat the eggs then add the cornstarch. Make sure you get a homogeneous mixture. Then apply the product to the desired area and let it dry for a few minutes. Remove it with light circular massages to facilitate hair removal. Rinse with lukewarm water and repeat the application twice a week.

3- Milk and turmeric

This cream prepared with milk and turmeric quickly removes the hair that grows around the lips.


– 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder (5 g)

– 2 tablespoons of milk (20 ml)


Mix the milk and the turmeric until you obtain a mixture to apply on the contour of the lips. Leave on for 30 minutes then rinse. Use gentle circular motions to remove the cream so that the hairs come off more easily. Repeat the process every other day.

There you go ladies, you now have a natural, economical and less restrictive alternative to traditional hair removal. Remember to test each product in an isolated piece of skin to avoid possible skin allergies. And always remember to apply your moisturizer after applying these remedies!