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Why You Should Stud An Onion With Clove

Why You Should Stud An Onion With Clove

Last week, my sister was preparing to welcome guests to celebrate her promotion. She asked me to cook for her, and I accepted without hesitation. While I was in her kitchen, I saw cloves in onions and I was surprised!

Why You Should Stud An Onion With Clove

This is how we started talking about the usefulness of cloves. I was surprised because I was indifferent to this spice. Now I realize it's time to have cloves at home!

For traditional medicine

Cloves have been around for a long time. Not only as a perfume, but also as an effective "nutraceutical" with immunomodulatory, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, cloves are a powerful natural pain reliever. Apply them to scratches or incisions to heal faster and relieve pain.

For the kitchen

There is no doubt that this spice is known to everyone. Few people can imagine gingerbread or mulled wine without cloves. If you haven't tried it yet, you have to.

In order to fully understand the role of cloves in the kitchen, I want to give you a handy tip.

In fact, it is a peeled bulb with cloves. Don't put too much. Five to six cloves are enough. Onion can be put in soup, stewed and roasted cabbage. In general, in any dish or you want to give a magical flavor. In addition, the onions are easy to remove at the end of cooking.

In England

It is said that cloves are also used in an original way in England. The British used to put oranges with cloves in court during the trial. The British believe that the smell of citrus fruits and cloves helps judges make correct and fair decisions.