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 How Many Times A Day Can You Use The Washing Machine?

How Many Times A Day Can You Use The Washing Machine?

The washing machine is a real everyday ally that makes our lives easier. Surely more than any other household appliance, it must be taken care of regularly to avoid possible breakdown. It may be solid, and even if you have a 10-year warranty, your washing machine is not infallible. If it's not maintained properly and you often ask too much of it, don't expect it to last forever. It goes without saying, but the durability of any household appliance depends on the frequency of its operation. And to keep your machine performing for as long as possible, it's best to take a few precautions. How many times a day can we wash our clothes without putting too much strain on our appliance? 

How Many Times A Day Can You Use The Washing Machine

The number of times a washing machine can be used, without reducing its longevity, is one of the questions that is often asked. Because, of course, it is important to respect your limits in terms of volume of laundry and frequency of washing. To guarantee its proper functioning, it would be wiser never to clutter it too much: avoid overflowing and excess detergent which ends up wearing it out. Finally, the most important thing is still to meticulously respect the conditions of use of your machine. And do not forget that this household appliance consumes a lot of electricity. In order not to have a salty bill, letting it rest from time to time would not be a luxury!

A few tips to find out how many times a day you can use the washing machine and above all to respect its lifespan.

Wash as needed

In general, it is considered that the washing machine can be used once or twice a day, depending on your needs at home. To avoid overdoing it and running the machine more than necessary, organize a schedule for washing your clothes throughout the week. This organization also saves water and cleaning products.

Respecting the maximum capacity of the machine is as important as the number of times you turn it on each day.

Respect the capacity of the washing machine

For example, there is no point in trying to wash more than 10 kg in a machine whose maximum capacity is precisely 10 kg. Many tend to overload the drum to avoid making a second machine. However, this is a very bad idea, because the internal parts will not work perfectly and your clothes may even remain dirty and smell bad.

It is better if you use the machine more often, but not exceed the limit it supports. Despite this, the manufacturers recommend not to exceed two daily uses, since the internal parts must cool down before the machine is used again. This advice applies especially to intensive washing with a complete machine.

Read the user guide

Of course, to make sure you get the most out of your washing machine, take a few minutes to read the user manual for your appliance before you start using it.

How to organize your cleaning routine?

First of all, it is necessary to understand how many pieces, at most, you can put in the wash. Too much load will not only reduce its lifespan, but your laundry will not be washed properly.

Do you have a large quantity of clothes to wash? Try to carefully assess this volume as well as the size of the parts to be washed, so as not to overload your machine. So plan several washes with small quantities.

In machines weighing 11 kg or more, for example, it is possible to wash a larger quantity of clothes or larger items such as a 1.5 kg duvet. Bedding, blankets, and comforters need a specific wash cycle, while pants and coats can take up a lot more bulk but need to be washed less often.

More delicate items, such as underwear, silks and satins, can be washed together, provided they are lighter and/or protected by a delicate laundry basket.

The organization will therefore depend on the amount of dirty laundry produced in your home on a daily basis. But also the number of people, the time of year, the general routine and many other factors.

The amount of soap, bleach and fabric softener also varies depending on the volume of the clothes. The exact measurements can be found in your washing machine manual and on the product packaging.

N.B: do not forget, for the proper functioning and longevity of your washing machine, read the instructions carefully and always respect the conditions of use of the appliance.