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8 Beauty Tips for Pretty and Healthy Nails

8 Beauty Tips for Pretty and Healthy Nails

Did you know that soft, brittle, or damaged nails reveal specific health problems? Deficiencies in zinc or vitamin B, dehydration, or lack of calcium are likely to weaken the nails and affect their growth. To protect your nails from external aggressions and have beautiful hands and pretty feet, here are some beauty tips to use for younger hands and feet:

8 Beauty Tips for Pretty and Healthy Nails

1. Focus on hydration

Like hair and skin, nails need regular nourishment to grow optimally. And for a good reason, dry nails can have streaks or splitting. To strengthen the nails,  you need to moisturize them regularly using a suitable moisturizer.

2. Avoid harsh soaps and wear gloves when washing dishes

Household products and soaps containing chemical ingredients can damage the nails and affect their growth. Result? Weakened, split, and brittle nails. To avoid damaging your nails, remember to wear gloves when you do the dishes or housework and use a mild soap to wash your hands.

3. Take a balanced diet

To have beautiful nails, you need to eat a balanced diet because a vitamin deficiency will make the nails fragile. Specific vitamins such as vitamin B found in brewer's yeast or egg yolk and vitamin C found in fruits are necessary to ensure nail growth. In addition, the nails need trace elements such as silicon found in vegetables.

4. Make cures of food supplements

To make the nails shine and boost their regrowth, you can opt for three-month cures once a year. Take dietary supplements that contain iron, sulfur, gelatin, zinc, and silicon to harden the nails and pamper them.

5. Let nails breathe

Even if you find it difficult to do without your nail polish, sometimes it is better to let the nails breathe between each manicure. Limit polish and replace it with a garlic-based lotion to apply to the nail to strengthen it. In addition, remember to use a solvent without acetone.

6. Don't cut the cuticles

The cuticles protect the nails from external aggressions. However, many people cut their cuticles, which they find unsightly. If you do not appreciate these small skins around the nails, use oils or creams adapted to soften them. Then, gently push them back to eliminate them.

7. Do not often get manicures

Some think that a manicure is essential every week to take care of the nails and clean them. However, if the manicure can guarantee you beautiful nails, be careful not to take off the nails during the procedure. This can cause fungus and damage the nails. Try going to a beauty salon every other week to get the perfect manicure.

8. Choose natural remedies

Coconut oil, petroleum jelly, avocado flesh, olive oil, or even castor oil are natural remedies that nourish dry nails and allow them to thrive. In addition, like hydrogen peroxide, lemon can be an excellent ally for whitening nails.