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 The Electronic Cigarette: What You Need To Know

The Electronic Cigarette: What You Need To Know

Lovers of cigarettes, which have become an addiction for you, many of you are concerned about your lung health. However, because of the tranquility, mental well-being and relaxation it gives you, did you find it difficult to get rid of it?

Electronic Cigarette

Thanks to the electronic cigarette, you will enjoy smoking as you wish without having to provide a backup wallet for health issues. Likewise, with the electronic cigarette, you will be able to detach yourself without undergoing a painful detoxification tank.

History of the electronic cigarette: brief overview of its genesis to the present day

Conceived in 1963 by Herbert A. Gibert and finally developed by a former Chinese pharmacist named Hok Lik, the electronic cigarette is known by several names, namely:

  • E-cigarettes
  • Vaper
  • Or personal vaporizer

It is an electronic device that produces an aerosol for inhalation, i.e. vapor by heating a flavored liquid without combustion.

Originally, it was designed on the model of the traditional cigarette. Mas, it has evolved nowadays to a multitude of models. Indeed, in terms of electronic cigarettes, there is a wide variety of designs according to the taste of each customer. However, this does not affect the components of device and the desired sensation which is the same as the traditional cigarette.

How does the electronic cigarette work?

The wide range of electronic cigarettes, whatever the model, is manufactured according to a given principle and must consist of the following elements:

  • A drip tip or mouthpiece that allows you to inhale the vapor coming out of the atomizer;
  • An atomizer which contains a resistor responsible for vaporizing the vaping liquid which is subject to the free choice of the consumer;
  • A tank containing the flavored liquid;
  • A bacterium: feeding the atomizer and the device in general.

Regarding its use, it suffices that the user activates the heating of the resistance by a button. This leads to the heating of the liquid, its vaporization and the production of the aerosol which it inhales through the mouthpiece.

The heat of the inhaled vapor will depend on the model of electronic cigarette purchased.

Choosing your electronic cigarette

Choosing an electronic cigarette is so much easier than choosing a pair of sneakers. There are multiple forms, sometimes taking the form of everyday objects. Thus, you have free choice to get the one that suits you even as a fashion accessory.

On the other hand, to make a wise choice:

  • Consider your profile as a smoker;
  • Ensure good autonomy of the bacterium;
  • Also make sure that the technique of routing the e-liquid to the resistance suits you.

Advantages of electronic cigarette

The electronic cigarette proves to be an effective solution to limit the consequences of tobacco on health.

Indeed, it contains in small quantities or almost none, chemicals likely to present serious risks to health. More clearly, these quantities are insignificant compared to those contained in the classic cigarette.

This reduces the risk of vulnerability to carcinogenic diseases and addiction, which is also caused by substances contained in traditional cigarettes, but in high doses.

Finally, you know a little more about the electronic cigarette, a formula adopted by many smokers for its qualities. However, you will not be immune to criticism of this device either. On the other hand, it is up to everyone to draw their own conclusions after a personal experience with the electronic cigarette.