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 How To Lose Weight By Consuming Soup?

How To Lose Weight By Consuming Soup?

Soups combine many advantages: they provide vitamins and minerals without overloading the body, hydrate the body and promote the feeling of satiety. Studies have shown that a soup as an appetizer allows you to consume fewer calories during the meal, and even during the following ones! But, for an effective diet, you should not be satisfied with a lean broth or a freeze-dried sachet stuffed with additives. Hearty recipes must be integrated into varied and balanced menus.

How To Lose Weight By Consuming Soup

Appetite suppressant legumes

In this soup diet, our expert gives pride of place to legumes (lentils, split peas, white and red beans, etc.).

Why ? “First for the variety, in order to maintain the pleasure of eating. Then, legumes provide more fiber and protein than starches, and stall well. Finally, they play a role of prebiotics, that is to say that they maintain our intestinal microbiota which intervenes in the regulation of weight. »

Store-bought soups, I buy smart

I moderate the salt

When comparing soups, always pick the less salty one.

I bet on soups in frozen pebbles. Prefer those that contain only the vegetable, in order to season them yourself.

I watch the fat

On the nutrition label, locate them at the fat line, which should be close to 0.

Time-saving tip.

You can mix, in equal parts, a cooked soup and a raw one, without seasoning.

How much soup to consume?

A standard size bowl or 2 ladles, i.e. about 250 ml, no more, even if you are very hungry. If you fill your stomach with 1/2 liter of soup, you will instantly be satiated, but you risk not eating enough of other essential foods: starchy foods, meat or the like... You are then exposed to cravings and therefore snacking between meals.

Some diets advocate only broths. What do you think ?

No interest ! It starves you and you compensate later. Also, there is no chewing. However, it is essential to feel the pleasure of the meal and satiation. Finally, broths do not provide all the nutrients, such as protein, hence the risk of muscle wasting. In short, we are satisfied with the broth when we want a light dinner, after a hearty meal.

Can we lose weight with such an attractive program?

Yes, because it is a question here of finding a good nutritional balance after a festive period. We do not delete any family of foods, we just learn to dose them well.